Scholarships Available for Unioto Educators

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Scholarships Available for Unioto Educators

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Educators Pursuing Excellence Scholarship Award for the Union Scioto Public School District

Established by the school district’s Class of 1971 and is an annual, one-time, non-renewable award up to $1,000 recognizing a deserving elementary, middle school or high school classroom educator or guidance counselor demonstrating a consistent record of educational excellence, community service and serves as a role model for the district’s students and community.

A currently serving classroom educator or guidance counselor may self-apply for the annual award following the application guidelines listed below. Additionally, a second party may nominate a currently serving educator or guidance counselor for an annual award.

Guidelines for Application

  1. Nominee must be a currently serving elementary, middle school or high school classroom educator or guidance counselor within the Union Scioto School District.
  2. Nominee must complete an application within the guidelines outlined in the application or nomination process.
  3. Nominees must be current employees in good standing as verified by the school district superintendent.
  4. Nominees must not have a written record of disciplinary action within the past five years as verified and documented by the school district administration.
  5. Nominees will provide a written self-expression synopsis (500 words or more) describing their contributions to the school’s educational and community missions as well as their professional, educational and personal goals and how the scholarship award will be used to support those goals.
  6. Nominee must provide three written recommendations from either a superintendent or principal, fellow educator, and a community leader.
  7. Scholarship funds may be used towards an approved personal or professional course of study at an accredited college for tuition and/or course materials as well as relevant workshops, as approved by the district superintendent that enhances the nominee’s personal or professional development.
  8. Scholarship payment will be made only to the designated educational institution.
  9. Any unused funds will be returned to the Fund. Should an awardee not use the full scholarship award within one year of the award without prior approval from the fund’s board, any remaining funds, in accordance with the scholarship’s by-laws shall be returned to the Fund.

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