Financial Advisors


The Professional Advisor and The Community Foundation

As a professional advisor, you frequently have an opportunity to help your clients achieve their philanthropic goals as effectively as possible. Charitable giving through The Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation, which offers specific tax benefits, gives you a unique resource to help your clients achieve other financial, personal or business goals.

One of the greatest opportunities for professional advisors’ clients to maximize the benefits of charitable giving occurs when they are making other major decisions related to:

  • estate planning
  • sale of a business or other major asset
  • retirement planning
  • timing of an unusual financial gain, such as a major bonus

The Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation has unique competencies to support individuals, families, companies, and charitable organizations in making gifts, current or deferred, to accomplish specific personal goals and benefit their community. We are a philanthropic partner for you and your clients.

If you are an individual or a professional advisor helping a client interested in structuring a way to support charitable opportunities or community needs, let us be your partner. For complimentary information about giving through The Community Foundation or additional examples of how we’ve worked with professional advisors to help clients achieve charitable goals, contact us at 740-774-GIFT.