Field-of-Interest Funds


Supporting the issues you care most about

What are they?

Field-of-interest funds support organizations that address specific issues. You decide which area(s) you want to support, and, should you need help, CRCF’s staff will recommend suitable grant recipients for your approval. Your fund may contribute to organizations in Chillicothe or elsewhere. You may also choose to recommend grants to specific groups working in the area your fund supports.


  • You can recommend grants to charities within your area of interest wherever they are located, or you can delegate grantmaking decisions to Foundation staff.
  • You can make gifts to your fund whenever you want. CRCF can accept donations of almost any asset, including stock and real estate.
  • You can involve your family in charity at any time—and allow them to advise grants from your fund into the future.
  • The fund may be established as an endowment (ensuring that grants are made in perpetuity) or as an expendable fund (which enables you to make grants of any size at any time).