Make a Difference in Your Community

The Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation welcomes donors from all walks of life, and gifts of any amount always make a difference.

The foundation offers donors a number of ways to maximize tax benefits and ensure their charitable goals are met. Browse this area to find out how easy it is to become a donor and make a difference in your community.

Donors contribute money or property to create charitable legacies, the annual distributions from these funds provide permanent improvement to our community. Donors are the engines of local philanthropy, and as a group, their interests are as varied and individual as their unique vision on how to make a difference.

Why Should I Give Through the Community Foundation?

Permanence and Stability: Your Gift Will Keep Giving.

The Community Foundation exists as a permanent bank of funds for charitable purposes – a community savings account making sure that your gift will do good work – now and in the future. The Community Foundation honors and protects the charitable intentions of its donors in perpetuity.

Flexibility: Your Gift May Be Designated For a Specific Purpose.

As you establish your own fund, you specify its purpose and can name specific organizations, types of charities or general causes.

Relevance: Your Gift Will Meet Changing Community Needs.

Many donors place no restrictions on how funds are to be used. Even if the current intent of your gift becomes obsolete, the Community Foundation will ensure that the fund will continue to meet future needs.

Commemoration or Anonymity: Gifts Can Honor a Loved One or Associate or Kept Anonymous.

The Community Foundation honors and protects your preferences. Grants from your fund will always be recorded according to your wishes, a lasting symbol of your caring. Such funds may be increased at any time by additional gifts.

Tax Advantage: Contributions Will Ease Your Tax Burden and Supply Financial Benefits.

You may be able to increase the amount of your gift while achieving greater tax savings and/or income. Contributions to the Community Foundation qualify for maximum deductibility for income, gift and estate tax purposes. Those who create endowed funds, charitable remainder trusts or gift annuities receive a charitable tax deduction in the year the gift is given.

Experienced Investment and Grant Management: Your Fund Will Be Professionally Supervised.

The Community Foundation’s Directors, Investment Committee, professional staff and investment managers provide prudent stewardship of donor funds. Most gifts to a community foundation are pooled for investment purposes, to take advantage of a fully diversified portfolio. Grants are managed according to established best practices.

Convenience: You Can Take Advantage Of “One-Stop Giving.”

The Community Foundation affords you the benefits of having your own separate fund, a “foundation within the Foundation,” that is simple and convenient, without the customary burdens and expenses. The Community Foundation provides award letters, record keeping, investing and annual reporting through an independent audit. You receive quarterly reports on the progress of your fund.

Seven Easy Steps to Philanthropy

  1. Discuss your overall philanthropic goals with your family members and legal of tax advisors.
  2. Decide how much you can afford to give.
  3. Determine the causes/organizations that will use your donations to meet the goals you support.
  4. Meet with use to discuss your plan. Ask questions, explore different gift vehicles available to you and review the documents needed to implement your plan.
  5. Share your documents with your family and professional advisors.
  6. Transfer your gift to us.
  7. Review our confirmation of your completed gift and the ongoing progress of grants awarded from your fund.