Designated Funds


Helping organizations grow

What are they?

Designated Funds enable you to support one or more specific organizations of your choice. These funds can be established to ensure that a particular charitable organization will receive your support over a long period of time, even in perpetuity. This also is an appealing way to support the groups from which you have benefited—such as a school or social service agency. This kind of fund can also be established by nonprofit organizations as part of their overall fund raising strategy.


  • If the group you choose to support ceases to exist, the fund you establish will support groups with similar missions and goals.
  • Designated funds may be named to recognize the donor(s), a family member, friend, or organization. Or, you can name the fund to ensure your anonymity.
  • CRCF can accept donations of almost any asset, including stock and real estate.
  • You can choose your own investment strategy from among the investment pools offered by CRCF.
  • The fund may be established as an endowment (ensuring that grants are made in perpetuity) or as an expendable fund (which enables you to make grants of any size at any time).

How to get started:

  • Discuss a designated fund with your financial advisor or contact the foundation
  • Help us learn more about you and your interests.
  • CRCF will customize a fund agreement for you.
  • Make an initial contribution.
  • Begin recommending grants.