Design a Fund


A charitable endowment provides support now and for the future by giving through the Community Foundation to the community.

The first step in gift planning is to select the type of fund that best meets your needs in order for you to receive the greatest income and tax benefits and create the maximum impact of your gift. You may establish a fund with a one-time gift or multiple gifts, or even a deferred gift that creates a fund later. Many people like the idea of a fund that forever carries the name of their family or of a loved one.

You can create and name each of the funds below at the Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation:

Unrestricted Fund

These funds strengthen nonprofit organizations, and can address unforeseen needs, emergencies and new challenges. The Foundation’s Board ratifies competitive grants recommended by its Distribution Committee.

Field of Interest Fund

This fund can reflect your own general interests and concerns and supports organizations that benefit, for example, Chillicothe’s civic activities, the arts, economic development, youth, the environment, human services or other important goals.

Donor-Advised Fund

Donors who wish to be actively involved prefer this fund because it allows you to contribute assets to your fund at any time and then recommend grants to support charitable groups of your choice. They are a flexible, personalized way to support nonprofit groups in Ross County, elsewhere in the U.S., or anywhere in the world.

Scholarship Funds

This fund can support a wide variety of educational needs and honor a family member, educational leader or friend.

Memorial Fund

This fund offers the opportunity to honor a special person, memorialize an important event or perpetuate an important cause.

Agency and Designated Endowment Funds

These funds help nonprofit organizations stabilize and secure the future of their services. An agency endowment fund ensures that bequests or gifts benefit one specific nonprofit organization. The Community Foundation’s staff is available to help organizations build these endowments by offering expert advice to boards, staff and potential supporters.

Supporting Organization

This is an attractive alternative to funding a private foundation because it offers superior tax benefits. While the Community Foundation appoints most of the Board members, the donor can serve and appoint others, name the fund, propose grants and review requests.