The Chillicothe Ross Community Foundation has established the Coronavirus Emergency Fund to make immediate, emergency grant awards to help local nonprofits helping individuals and families affected as a result of the Coronavirus crisis.

“People are hurting because of the Coronavirus,” said Scott Graham, Executive Director of the Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation, “and we understand that this crisis is going to impact much more than just our physical health.”

The foundation recognizes nonprofit resources are, and will continue to be, strained over this unprecedented event due to the need for them to expand and modify how they deliver their services.

“We know that the nonprofits already helping those who will be most impacted are going to be stretched thin. We must help them – and through them, the community at large – during this unprecedented situation,” Graham said.

The fund will distribute grants to nonprofit organizations that provide for basic human needs, such as food, medical assistance, and shelter. “Nonprofits who feed and care for children, protect our seniors, care for patients, assist those who have lost income, will help Chillicothe and Ross County get through this crisis,” said Graham.

The foundation is urging local businesses, other funders, and the general public to consider donating to the fund. Online donations are being accepted through the grant catalog at Due to the generosity of donors every dollar raised for the fund will be matched until the fund reaches $30,000.

“This situation is rapidly evolving, so we wanted to quickly get a fund in place to support our community and give people who want to help a place to go,” said Graham “We are all about connecting people who care with causes that matter and this fund does just that.”

Your Gift Will Be Matched

For a limited time thanks to generous donors a challenge has been issued, for every dollar given to the Coronavirus Emergency Fund, it will be matched dollar for dollar until the fund has raised $30,000.

$30,000 donated + $30,000 matched = $60,000 available to help those affected as a result of the virus

Your gift counts twice!