Agency Endowments


Through the Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation, a charitable organization can establish an endowment fund to be used for operation or further development of the organization. We can manage your investment, commingling the agency monies with the foundation’s existing pool of funds, resulting in investment opportunities that would otherwise not be available to smaller funds. Nonprofit organizations with established endowments are encouraged to consider transferring those assets to the foundation for several reasons:

  • The funds will enjoy the foundation’s more advantageous prorated bank fees.
  • By turning over the responsibility of investment to the foundation, your organization’s board is relieved of the necessity to monitor an investment committee, which often has rotating membership and can’t always comprise those with knowledge and expertise in the investment field.
  • In placing the organization’s endowment fund with the foundation, the instrument of transfer can be worded to protect the invasion of the fund’s principal for other than true emergency needs. Succeeding boards will avoid that temptation and seek other solutions to interim financial needs before dissipating the endowment.
  • A minimum of $5,000 is required to open an endowment fund.

If your nonprofit organization is considering establishing an endowment fund or setting up a private foundation, why not consider the advantages of joining with the Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation? Staff and trustees of the Chillicothe-Ross Community Foundation are happy to meet with you and discuss the options available to nonprofit organizations.